What Kind of Magic Tricks Do You Do?

Kids want to know that a REAL magician has come to the party!  So I spend the first 5 minutes performing amazing yet FUN magic tricks that will leave them with jaws wide open.  Enhanced with music and a theatrical flair, they realize that the rest of the show is going to be FUN and can’t wait for more. Once I have established my “credentials”, the rest of the show features magic that volunteers from the audience participate in.  My goal is to let the child feel empowered that they can do the impossible.  Many of the tricks “backfire” on me, but work when the participant tries.  Some of the tricks carry messages about “respect”, “patience”, “manners” and being a good friend. Of course the birthday child is featured in several of the tricks including the big finale.  They will LEVITATE in mid-air!  That’s right, get your camera ready because the entire audience will see them lay down and FLOAT IN MID-AIR! Oh and by the way, the grown-ups will have a blast as I have designed segments they will find entertaining. Actually I REQUIRE that there be adults present for safety and security reasons. So this is a FAMILY SHOW that all ages will have a blast at!

What Age Range Is This Best Suited For?

The show is designed for ages 6 – 12.  However, I have done them for families who are celebrating a child’s FIRST birthday.  Just know that as long as there is family of all ages present, the show plays for them while we all admire the cute smiles of your baby!  I also sway the interest of the show based on gender, so an all girls or boys party will be a hit with them.  I have a more “hip” show for teens also (I do a lot of “after prom” parties for school districts). I also have a show for that BIG kid turning 50 (or other magical age) so the family can have a great time celebrating this milestone in life!

What Do You Need To Present This Show?

The majority of these parties are in the home. I am accustomed to performing in the family room in front of the fireplace or similar arrangement.  Even the basement or garage has worked out.  If the weather is good, outdoors works too. However, my “stage” area must be on a hard level surface (patio, etc).  I arrive just before your guests, set up the show in private (15 minutes). Have them play a game in another part of the house while I’m doing this. Then they can come to the “show room” and enjoy the magic show. Then I escort them to the part of the house where the cake is and lead them in singing “Happy Birthday”. While they are enjoying the cake, I return to the “show room” and pack my things up.  I have also presented the show in community rooms, restaurants and similar situations. We will discuss the best ways to arrange the show in these settings.

How Much Notice Do You Need?

30-60 days is always suggested.  However, if my calendar is clear, I have jumped into action in as little as 24 hours. Just fill out the form and let’s see what happens!

How Do We Handle The Financial Part?

I do not require a deposit for birthday parties.  I accept cash, checks and credit cards.  I suggest paying me while I’m setting the show up.  Once the show starts and we transition into the cake/pizza, presents, etc. you will be swamped. I will have packed and be ready to leave by then (possibly for another waiting client).