Thank You for checking into my offer!  I would love to help you make your child’s birthday a lifelong memory.  A day they will forever describe as… “the time a magician came to my party and I had the best time with my friends…ever!”.

You’ve already read about how much FUN this show is for kids. So lets get down to the business side of things. Performing magic shows is how I make my living.  My calendar fills rapidly with events ranging from theaters, large corporate events, school events, church events and BIRTHDAY PARTIES!  So it is “first come…first served”.

All of my shows feature magic tricks that kids love to get their hands on. They are very interactive shows and your child will be the STAR!

I arrive about 20 minutes before show time and set up my 2 cases of props usually in the family room, living room or other space that I can call “my stage”. I plug in my pro grade sound system that plays lively music for parts of the show. The children will experience moments of shear laughter, intense mystery and complete wonder. That’s my job… to help people experience “wonder”. There will be lots of “oooo’s” and “wowww’s” during the show.

Regardless of which Package you choose, your child will be made to feel special and have a sense that THIS was a special birthday! A magical birthday….. with all their friends watching them do something magical!

Here’s the options….

“The Gold Package” – 60 minute magic showGoodie Bags for all the kids…Custom Magic Kit with 70 tricks your child can master…and a GREAT PHOTO OP….. your child FLOATS IN MIDAIR!    All this for $325

“The Silver Package”60 minute magic show and the Custom Magic Kit for your child. Just $300

“The Bronze Package”45 minute magic show. Just $275

Just pick one and fill out the form below. In the comments mention which package you would like. All you have to provide is a safe place to hold the party at, cake & ice-cream and a camera to record all the fun!

I accept checks, cash and credit cards. You simply pay me at the party. I stay in touch with you up until the day of the party via email and phone.  I arrive early, in clean clothes and offer 35 years of references.

I’m ready to bring you an hour your family will remember forever.  Are you ready to book it?……

YES! We want to book Terry NOW!